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RNG for a number between 1 and 16 (if all), 1 and 10 (if only cupcakes, aka ones with colored frosting), or 11 and 17 (if only "smutcakes", aka ones with white frosting). The number corresponds to which cupcake you get. Your thread partner will also RNG for a number.
❧ Go from there! Don't be afraid to keep eating more and more cupcakes throughout the thread! The effects will compound each other.


01] red frosting  superpowers
Flight, super speed, x-ray vision, you name it! You now have a super power.

02] orange frosting → personality flip
The sweet and timid become rough and rowdy, vice-versa, and whatever else applies!

03] yellow frosting → truths
No more secrets, no more lies~ You want to be honest, no matter what.

04] green frosting → age change
Do you feel... younger? Older? It's not your imagination.

05] teal frosting → spontaneous, uncontrollable action

06] blue frosting → clothes change
... I wasn't wearing this before...

07] purple frosting → gender swap
Girls are boys and boys are girls!

08] pink frosting → lies
The opposite of the lovely yellow cupcake, now you can't tell anything but lies!

09] brown frosting → animal parts
... Is that a pair of ears/wings/a tail you got going on now?

10] rainbow frosting → wildcard
Anything that I forgot that you want? This is the option for that!

11] white frosting with red sprinkles → lust
You want this person, and you wanted them about five minutes ago.

12] white frosting with orange sprinkles → rough/hatesex
Again, you want this person, but you want them against that wall/table/surface over there and you want them.

13] white frosting with yellow sprinkles → instant dom
Whatever you say, you want them to follow and submit, no matter what it is.

14] white frosting with green sprinkles → instant bondage/toys
... Those weren't there before... but do have fun anyway, or, at least, as much fun as you can when restrained.

15] white frosting with blue sprinkles → instant sub
The opposite to the yellow sprinkles, you want to serve your partner, no matter what.

16] white frosting with purple sprinkles → romantic
The opposite to the orange sprinkles, you love them and want them to be as comfortable as possible.

17] white frosting with rainbow sprinkles → wildcard
The smutcake version of the "other" option. Do not include this if you're doing all the cupcakes!

--Stolen from places. Revamped forever


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