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OT3 Meme

OT3s, read as one true threesome. Sometimes a trio of characters just has a dynamic you really love, but threesomes are always rather hard to pull off in games, and sometimes it is difficult to find other people who also ship these trios! That's why it was decided to try and make this meme, though it's a little uncertain how to go about it since, as aforementioned, they are a bit difficult to plan out. Here are some suggestions.

1. Post a comment with your character. If you have friends who you already know you'd like to play with, in your comment, along with your muse's name, add CLOSED.
2. If you do not, instead of writing CLOSED, write OPEN.
3. If you list as open, you can leave it blank or write out pairings you would like to play OR write out a list of characters you think you'd be up for making any combination of.
4. Look for others! If you see characters you play listed in the comments of others, feel free to hit them up. Tell them which of the ot3s you are interested (if they have listed more than one with your muse) or, which characters you'd also like to be your third party that match up with theirs.
5. It'd be highly recommended a bit of OOC planning before so everyone knows what they want and how to do this.
6. Below there are some possible scenarios that you can use! They are, however, completely optional and up the players to discard, freely pick, or use RNG.

1. Getting Together
It's always hard to confess to someone, but two people? Just how do you go about that? So many complications could arise. Perhaps you feel guilty about feeling this way towards two people, maybe two of them are already together and you feel like a third wheel. All things have to start somewhere, though. How did it start for you guys?

2. A Date
Is this your first time? Or just one in a long line of many? Are you attempting to be discreet about the nature of your relationship, or do you not give a damn what other people think? It could just be a nice dinner and a movie, or perhaps you are going to the carnival or someplace private just for the three of you. Whatever the case may be, it's a designated special for just you three.

3. Disapproval
It's gotten out that you three are an item. Whether it be in school, the workplace, your neighborhood, or whatever place you find yourself in one or more of you is suffering because of it. Is it easy for each of you to just shrug it off and continue with your happy relationship, or is it stressing you out and putting a strain on it?

4. Third Wheel
No relationship, no matter what kind, or how many people it includes is perfect. The love between your three may not be spread as equally as you thought, or perhaps it is just a misunderstanding. Whatever the case, one of you is beginning to feel like a third wheel. If they are, maybe a talk is in order, and if not, some reassurance needs to be had.

5. How Does This Work?
May just be a discussion, or perhaps you three are finally attempting to sleep together. But uh. Just how do you go about this with three people so that no one feels left out?

6. New Home
You have settled into yours relationship and are deciding to get a little more serious and find a new home. Newly bought and furnished, this calls for celebration, no? Will it calmly be spent there with just the three of you curled up on the couch and watching movies, or will you do something more memorable?

7. Stuck In The Middle
Two of you have gotten into a fight, which leaves your third party stuck in the middle of it. Awkward. WHAT DO.

8. Who To Tell?
Keeping a secret is hard, especially when it is something you shouldn't need to be ashamed of. It's time to discuss just how long you want to keep things undercover. Who do you want to tell, and just how will you go about telling them?

9. Break Up
One or more of you just isn't feeling it anymore, or can't handle the pressure that comes from being in a relationship like this. It's time to tell the others and cut the strings.

10. Triad Marriage
Or polyamorous marriage, as some might call it. The three of you have decided to cement your relationship through this ceremony and become legally married. Congratulations!

11. Children
Either one of you is pregnant, you are consideration adoption, or want to expand your family by other means. It's time to start thinking about and preparing for children.

12. Vacation
You have won a trip to a ritzy resort! Will you hang out in your big and fancy hotel room? The pool? There is always room service to be had and all sorts of luxuries to enjoy and explore.

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