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The Suddenly AU Meme

Everything might have been normal a few seconds ago, but one of our usual Evil Invaders' weapons suddenly went on the fritz which resulted in our happy little tokusatsu world as we know it to be bathed in a light that quite suddenly has knocked everyone into alternate versions of their own universe! Now your reality feels so far away as you assimilate into your new life, but why does it feel like this isn't quite right?

1. Post with your character (obviously). You may roll a number (or you can just choose the number you want!) or you may leave it up to the person tagging you
2. Tag people! As stated above, either party may roll the number.
3. Play out your AU! Hopefully fun and profit comes from this option. Tears and anguish also work.


1. Alignment switch - If you were a good guy, you're now evil. If you were evil, you're now good. Simple right? Example: Basco Ta Jolokia is a lone warrior fighting against the threat of the evil Gokaigers who want to take control of the universe. Even with the help of the fair and peaceful Zangyack, will he be able to overcome the tyrannical Captain Marvelous?

2. Magical Girl - Frills! Skirts! Cute poses and equally as cute animal sidekicks! You're now a magical girl in a magical world, fighting for everything that is right and good! Example: Magical "Girl" Garo fights against the evils called Horrors with her cute lion sidekick Zaruba. With teammates like Magical girl Zero & Magical girl Dan, who needs enemies?

3. Slice of Life - Going to school? Going to work? This is just normal everyday life right here. Want to make it a Bl? Maybe a Harem? Reverse-harem? Otome? Ero? Go right ahead. I can't stop you (you filthy creature you). Example: Den-o. I say nothing else. (Ryoutarou is a lonely young boy, until he meets a crew of five of the school's elite Hosts. Momotaros, the sports pro, Urataros, the ladies' man, Kintaros, the wild type, Ryuuta, the cute type, and Sieg, the rich prince/heir. Will he be made over into a popular kid by this Host club?)

4. Drama - Are you a fan of the darker things of life? Conflict, sadness, betrayals, thrilling plot twists and star-crossed lovers are what it's all about! Example Sousuke, a former race-car driver, left in disgrace as he was the unwitting patsy and fall man in a huge cheating scandal on the track, now works to restore his honor, leaning on his best friend, Renn for support. As they uncover the mysteries of this twisted racing underground, his on-again, off-again girlfriend with a rich family, Miu, struggles with hiding her dark secret from her older brother--she killed a delivery boy (Hanto), who was a spy sent by the police to investigate their family's involvement in the racing controversy. What will happen when she starts to crack at the seams?

5. Survival Horror - Really this is a lot more broad than just survival horror. Want to be a vampire? demon? Or perhaps you're a hunter of all of these foul beasts? Maybe you're hunting them. Or are you a gunman trying to survive in a zombie wasteland? Maybe you want to go for a more normal horror approach? A simple haunting? People that turn into monsters and eat humans? The sky is the limit Examples: Gentaro went to school late one night to pick his books back up--but as he tried to leave, the doors were locked, and now he's trapped inside! However, as he tries to find an exit, trapped schoolmates join him--but they're being hunted by someone... or something. JK is the first victim to go down--screaming with a fountain of blood exploding from his chest! What are they up against?!

6. Idol/Music - The stage! The lights! The fans! The band practices! Suddenly you're in an idol group or band, trying to make it in this venomous and crazy business. Better watch your back or else all of your private business will be all over the internet. Example: Takumi is the shut-away, bitchy leader of the band 555! However, he's struggling to keep creative lead as not only their agency, Smart Brain, but one of his own bandmates, Kusaka, try to take over the group by force, forcing him to use their songs! Will 555 be able to keep the #1 spot while all of this backlash is happening behind the scenes? --Is the drummer, Mari pregnant? Rumors fly as the band takes a downward spiral!

7. Maid/Butler & Master - Very straightforward. Suddenly your either subservient to this master of yours. Are you instead the venerable master of this humble servant of yours? Maybe there's a secret (supernatural or otherwise! like being person you deal with outside of home too.) lurking underneath this normal front. Example: Wataru is a lonely shut-in, but his new, inexperienced maid, Shizuka, tries to keep getting him out into the world! He also has three butlers, Jirou, Rikki, and Ramon, who are all professionals, to clean up after the messes Shizuka gets him into.

8. Epic Quest - You're out on the hunt for (magical mystical item of wonder goes here)! Who knows that zany and interesting situations you'll run into next on this epic adventure. Example: Shoutarou, a wandering information broker, has found rumors of an ancient artifact, and, joined by his black mage friend Philip, their paladin landowner, Akiko, and their educated and quiet barbarian friend, Terui, sets off on a journey to uncover hints and find this mystical Memory legends have told of for centuries.

9. Action - Explosions! Guns! Running! Blood, sweat and badass lines! Your live reappy didn't get that much different except for no plastic suits involved. hu. Example: Tani Chiaki is a new addition to the police force--and his wild, loose-cannon methods have gotten him stuck with perhaps the most by-the-books cop on the force, Ikenami Ryuunosuke. However, as they find themselves opposing a drug lord, Mr. Shiba--that has hold over Ryuunosuke, they have to work together to fight through his elite team of bodyguards, Mako, a sharp-shooting badass mercenary from the deeps of Africa, Kotoha, a warrior trained in the jungles of South America skilled with hand-to-hand combat, his tech expert, Genta, trained by the US's best hackers and knife-professionals, and Mr. Shiba's 'mother', the mysterious Princess, a young girl shrouded in mystery. Will these two failure cops have what it takes to bring down this destruction team?!

10. AU of your choice - Can you think of any we left out or want to do one of your own? Go for it, my friend. Genderswap. Sports. Pokemon. Digimon. Anything you want~

11. Pick two - Mashup! Magical girl horror? Idol/music Action? These and more could be yours

(PS: Don't use these examples. These are terrible examples)

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