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Sexy desserts (taken from bakerstreet)

King is has a little dessert spread out in a rather elegant and large-looking. What he's up to? Who knows. He doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight (although that can change). The compulsion to try them is probably strong. You probably should fight it, but you know you should.

And what do you know, he hall outside the room is lined with little private rooms for free usage.

Without further ado, here are the choices:
1 ► blueberry cheesecake | hurt/comfort
You suddenly feel blue, and you feel the need to be comforted. It's time for some sexual healing!
2 ► strawberries and cream | slow and sensual
Each red and succulent berry is tantamout to each step to the top.
3 ► vanilla ice cream | prim and proper
You feel the need to be prudent and safe. But that isn't the same as being boring.
4 ► box of chocolates | romance
Flowers, candlelight, a bottle of champagne . . . it's time to woo your sweetheart!
5 ► lemon squares | BDSM (light or heavy, that's up to you!)
It stings so good!
6 ► tiramisu | inebriation
That cake's packing a bit too much rum for you, but you're still in the mood . . .
7 ► milkshake | messy OR orgy
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
8 ► coffee jelly | several rounds
Feeling that buzz? Get on going! You're pumped up!
9 ► fruit salad | outdoors
The tropics are rainy this time of the year, but who cares?
10 ► mochi | cosplay
Put on a new costume and disguise the squishy filling that hides inside.
11 ► cherry pie | first time
Whether it really is or isn't your first time, it will feel like it again!
12 ► candied bacon | something different
It's not too common just yet, but some people enjoy a good slab of sweet meat.

Or you can skip the luscious desserts and mingle! there is also drinks around (could be spiked but you wont know until you try it c:)

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