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The Egg baby meme (taken from Bakerstreet)


"Each of your Eggbabies has a built in computer which registers the amount of care-- or lack of care-- it's given. These readings will determine your grade. As you can see the babies exhibit a wide range of emotions and expressions in need. It's your job to fill those needs."
How to:
✦ Leave a comment with your character's name. Others will reply
✦ Congratulations, the two of you are now in charge of an Eggbaby. You can pretend it's for class or, for those who aren't in school, you can assume the baby is some sort of important mission. It is your job to take care of and keep the baby happy. If you drop the baby, you fail. You can not turn it off. Remember, this is a joint effort. This is a very important assignment that determines if you pass/fail the class or save the world.
✦ You can RNG a number between 1 and 8 to find out what kind of situation you're in.
✦ Good luck!

1. Other plans. You had other plans but now you aren't sure if you can do them because of this baby. Try to convince your partner to do you a favor or else you'll have to drag the baby along with you.
2. Broke baby. Something is seriously wrong with this baby. It won't stop crying no matter what you do and you really wish this thing had an off switch.
3. Lost baby. What do you mean where's the baby? Don't you have it? Wait, you mean, you don't? FU-- WHERE'S THE BABY?!
4. Perfect baby. Your baby never cries. In fact, it doesn't really do much of anything. Wow, this project sure is easy! . . . Dude, it keeps staring at me.
5. Not my baby. This isn't your baby but you're watching it for a friend until they get back from that super important meeting. They've been gone all day and you hope they'll get back soon.
6. Twins. You're taking care of your baby and someone else's baby. (bonus option: you're taking care of another baby and another and another and another. . .)
7. MY BABYYYY! What the hell did you do? Your baby is broken. You've failedyour assignment. Maybe you can put it together and no one will ever notice or try to steal someone else's baby.
8. Crack baby. Roll again, combine prompts, or make up your own scenario.

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