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Joe Gibken ([personal profile] blueondeck) wrote in [community profile] tokuborg2012-01-23 09:38 pm

Body Swap


Have you ever wanted to play Marvelous in Philip's body? Gai in Hina's? Kouga in Genta? Then this meme is made for you.

1. Post as a character. Here's the twist: that character has just exchanged bodies with another muse in your headspace.
2. Put the name and fandom of the muse being played in the subject line, so no one gets confused. WE KNOW WHO IS FROM WHERE... I HOPE.
3. Others comment, either bodyswapped or un-bodyswapped!
4. ???
5. Take pictures for great lulz.

Stolen from Bakerstreet, which stole it from memebells, who could have also possibly stole it.

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